We’re honored to partner with JewishFuturePledge.org.

Let us help you create custom, personalized Jewish Family Legacy Videos as a gift to future generations, featuring photos, video clips, and the transmission of your values, in your own words.

While each interview is different, these are the questions we’d like you to consider for your video:

  • How have you been influenced by your Jewish Heritage?
  • What do you most value from Jewish teachings / ethics?
  • What is most important to pass onto future generations about Judaism?
  • Why are you proud to be Jewish?
  • Tell us the story of your Jewish journey
  • Share the journey of your parents & grandparents

We provide the opportunity to create three types of videos to share with your future generations:

Jewish Ethical Will. Pass on your ethical values in your words, in your voice.

Family History. These are stories told by you, your parents/grandparents that explain why your family is special.

Tell That Story Again! Some of your stories are legendary. Let these live forever.


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